Co-Enzyme Q-10 Combination Tablet

Product Details:

Generic Name Co-Enzyme Q-10 Combination Tablet
Active Ingredient Co-Enzyme Q-10, EPA, DHA, Lycopene & Selenium
Manufacturer Invision Pharma Limited.
Form Tablet
Brand Private Label
Shelf Life 18 Months
Country of Origin Made in India


Elevate heart health with our CoQ10 Combination Tablet. This private label solution offers Co-Enzyme Q-10, plus a blend of vital nutrients for comprehensive cardiovascular support. Tailor it to your brand’s identity for a unique offering.

Additional Information:

  • Delivery Time: 25-30 days


Discover the exceptional heart health benefits of our private label Co-Enzyme Q-10 Combination Tablet. This powerhouse supplement combines CoQ10, a vital antioxidant for cardiovascular support, with a carefully curated blend of nutrients designed to promote overall well-being.

Key Features:

  • Cardiovascular Support: Co-Enzyme Q-10 (CoQ10) plays a crucial role in supporting heart health. Its antioxidant properties assist in maintaining a strong and resilient cardiovascular system.
  • Enhanced Absorption: Our specialized formulation ensures optimal CoQ10 absorption, making it more bioavailable for maximum benefits.
  • Comprehensive Nutrient Blend: This combination tablet doesn’t stop at CoQ10. It features a thoughtfully selected mix of heart-healthy nutrients, including vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that work together to boost overall cardiovascular wellness.
  • Private Label Advantage: Tailor this heart health supplement to your brand’s identity. Choose your branding, packaging, and labeling to offer a unique product to your customers.

Why Choose Our Co-Enzyme Q-10 Combination Tablet:

Partner with us to provide your customers with a heart health solution that’s backed by quality, innovation, and customization. Our commitment to excellence ensures that each tablet delivers the benefits they seek, enhancing their cardiovascular well-being.