Coral Calcium

Product Details:

Generic NameCoral Calcium
Active IngredientCoral Calcium
ManufacturerInvision Pharma Limited.
Packaging TypeTube
Packaging Size20 Tablets
BrandPrivate Label
Shelf Life18 Months
Country of OriginMade in India


Introducing our Private Label Coral Calcium Effervescent Tablets – a unique wellness solution that combines the power of coral calcium with the convenience and enjoyment of effervescent tablets. These tablets are the embodiment of health, packed with essential minerals and designed for easy, efficient consumption.

Additional Information:

  • Delivery Time: 25-30 days
  • Packaging Details: 20 Tablets In Tube


Coral Calcium: Nature’s Mineral Treasure

Coral calcium is sourced from ancient coral reefs and is known for its remarkable mineral content. Our effervescent tablets are enriched with coral calcium to provide a wealth of essential minerals, including calcium and magnesium.

  • Calcium: Supports strong bones and teeth, muscle function, and overall structural integrity.
  • Magnesium: Aids in muscle and nerve function, immune system support, and heart health.
  • Trace Minerals: Enhance overall wellness by providing essential micronutrients.


Customize Your Wellness: Tailor to Your Brand

We understand the importance of brand identity. Our Private Label program allows you to fully customize your Coral Calcium effervescent tablets. From branding and packaging design to selecting your preferred ingredients and flavors, you have the flexibility to create a product that perfectly aligns with your brand’s values.

Why Choose Our Coral Calcium Effervescent Tablets:

  • Premium Quality: Our commitment to quality ensures that every tablet is of the highest standard. We use premium coral calcium sourced from pristine environments.
  • Wellness Support: Coral calcium is associated with various health benefits, including bone health, muscle function, and immune support. By offering these effervescent tablets, you empower your customers to prioritize their well-being.
  • Effervescent Innovation: The effervescent format isn’t just about convenience; it adds a refreshing twist to daily wellness routines. Your customers will look forward to taking their daily supplements.